*Prices may vary depending on vehicles conditions

Full Interior clean and sanitation.

Includes full steam clean of all surfaces plus carpet and seats extracted for a clean and sanitized interior. Restore all trims and plastic surfaces to a new interior look.

*Price depending on conditions  

Cars $200-$250

Trucks $250-$300

SUV and Minivans $300-$350

With out carpet/seats shampooed and Steam Clean

Cars and Trucks $120

SUV and Minivan $150

Paint Decontamination (clay treatment) Exterior only

Foam washed plus spray down with fallout remover (iron remover). Clay treatment will follow. 3 month spray sealant applied.

Cars $160

Trucks & SUVs $200 

Water Spot Removal (exterior only)

Price starts at $300

All depends on vehicle conditions 

Headlight Restoration (sealed with 2 year ceramic coating)

$100 per set of 2 

Paint correction (for exterior only)

  • Machine Polish / Gloss Enhancement

Add gloss and reflection to your paint with our machine polish service.

  • 1 Step Paint Correction

Hand​ wash and paint decontaminated. It receives a all in one compound and polish applied by machine to remove about 50% to 60% of swirls and enhance the paint of your vehicle for a glossy look.

(Price depends on paint condition)

Cars $350

Trucks $400

SUVs $450

  • 2 Step Correction(for exterior only)

Includes Hand Wash plus paint decontamination. It includes the same as the one step plus (wet sanding on isolated scratches) with the addition of a extra polished step after the compound step. Then a six month ceramic coating is applied to seal and protect. *2 YEAR, 5 YEAR CERAMIC COATING AVAILABLE FOR A ADDITIONAL COST 

*This will get your paint to a 80% to 90% defect free, depending on paints conditions. 

Cars $600-$700

Trucks & SUV's $700-$800

  • Emblem Removal

      $40 per emblem (normal size)

  • Engine Bay Detail

     Starting at $80 (depending on conditions of engine)

All Prices may change depending on vehicles condition.

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