Buffing a Car


*Prices may vary depending on vehicles conditions

Full Interior clean and sanitation.

Includes full steam clean of all surfaces plus carpet and seats extracted for a clean and sanitized interior. Restore all trims and plastic surfaces to a new interior look.

*Price depending on conditions  

Cars and Trucks $200-$250

SUVs $250-$350

With out carpet/seats shampooed and Steam Clean (only vacuum, air blow out and interior wiped down)

Cars and Trucks $120

SUV and Minivan $150

Paint Decontamination (clay treatment) Exterior only

Foam washed plus spray down with fallout remover (iron remover). Clay treatment will follow to remove the most embedded contaminants that are stuck to your paint. 6 month spray sealant is applied as protection on the paint.

Cars $160-200 *Depending on size

Trucks & SUVs $200-$250

Water Spot Removal (exterior only)

Price starts at $200

All depends on vehicle conditions 

Headlight Restoration (sealed with 5 year ceramic coating)

$100 per set of 2 

  • Emblem Removal

      $40 per pair of emblems (normal size)

  • Engine Bay Detail

     Starting at $80 (depending on conditions of engine)

All Prices may change depending on vehicles condition.