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Elevated Auto Detail is your local choice for all your detailing needs. We’ve been providing the community with incredible service for quite some time now, and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Our clients love working with us, many of them returning as repeat customers. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.




This is only for existing customers or New cars. 2 years or newer 

We use Filtrated water for a spot free wash every time

Cars $120

Small/Medium Trucks/SUV's  $130

Full size SUV $150 

HD trucks $150

Lifted trucks & lifted SUVs Start at $180 

Exterior: Foam Bath-Hand Wash, Our signature Air Dry with warm air, Wheel faces done, Spray wax/Detail Spray applied, clean windows, door jams cleaned, and tire shine applied.

Interior: Vacuum interior, wipe down dash and doors, Clean center console, clean inside of the windows, Light air blow of the interior, and clean floor mats.



A deeper clean. Recommended for Dirty vehicles with out stains on fabric (Does not include carpet or cloth seats shampooed)

  • Cars $260

  • Trucks & SUV's $300

  •  Lifted Trucks & XL SUV's Starts at $380

Exterior: Same as Silver Package plus wash the wheel wells and door jams. Wheel faces plus inner wheel, light paint decontamination with clay treatment and 3 month paint sealant (Bead Maker) protection applied, All Plastic trims dressed.

Interior: Same as Silver Package Plus deep scrub of all surfaces and cracks including Steam vapor clean, blow out with compressed air, condition of all interior surfaces, and spot clean stains on cloth seats. Leather seats get conditioned.



The Full package. Recommended for any type of conditions. Includes Shampoo of all fabrics and steam clean all interior.

  • Cars $400

  • Small Trucks & SUV's $450

  • Full Size Trucks & SUV's $500 

  • Lifted Trucks/SUV's and Minivans $500-$600

Exterior: Includes Silver & Gold Packages plus light Engine bay detailed, Iron remover plus clay treatment and a 6 month to 1 year ceramic spray coating protection.

Interior: Includes Silver & Gold Packages plus carpets and cloth seats shampooed with hot extractor. Leather seats get steamed cleaned plus followed by a leather conditioner on all leather surfaces and all carpets shampooed.