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High end Protection

System X Ceramic Coating

We use System X coating line only available to Certified installers. Backed by CARFAX, we register the coating on Carfax which will add value to your vehicle and comes with lifetime warranty. All Protection packages come with a light machine polish and decontamination Wash included. Also, Light interior detail and light engine bay detail included. All Ceramic coating jobs take Two days, some could take Three.   

Level 1 Protection Package (Light machine polish included)

5 Year Ceramic coating** (No CARFAX registration)  

Price starts at

Cars $800-$1,000*

Trucks & SUVs $900-$1,200*

Level 2 Protection Package (Light machine polish included)

10 year System X Ceramic Coating** (No CARFAX registration).

Price starts at

Cars $1,000-$1,200*

Trucks & SUV's $1,200-$1,500*

Level 3 Protection Package (Light Machine polish included)

System X Max G+ Ceramic Coating (Lifetime warranty** & CARFAX Registration)

Price starts at

Cars $1,200-$1,500*

Trucks & SUV's $1,500-$1,800*

Feel free to add Wheel protection, Interior protection, Leather protection, Screen protection and glass protection to any of these Packages 

If you only want the benefits of a ceramic coating and don't care for the paint correction, no problem we can do that as well just ask. 

**Need to bring vehicle in ones a year for maintenance to validate the warranty

*All Prices may change depending on vehicles conditions

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