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High end Protection

Graphene Ceramic Coating

We use Adams Pro coating only available to shop owners. Rated at 10H hardness on the pencil scale. Estimated to last 8 to 10 years if maintained correctly. All Protection packages come with a light machine polish and decontamination Wash included. Also, Light interior detail and light engine bay detail included. All Ceramic coating jobs take Two days, some could take Three.   

Level 1 Protection Package (Light machine polish included)

8-10 Year CERAMIC COATING on Paint and Windshield

Price starts at

Cars $900-$1,000

Trucks & SUVs $1,000-$1,200

Level 2 Protection Package (Two step correction included)

8-10 YEAR CERAMIC COATING On Paint, Windshield, and all four-wheel faces

Price starts at

Cars $1,200

Trucks $1,400

SUVs $1,500

*All Prices may change depending on vehicles conditions

8-10 years Ceramic Coating: Service
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