Buffing a Car


(For exterior only)

Decontamination wash is included in every service here

  • Machine Polish / Gloss Enhancement

Add gloss and reflection to your paint. With this service we will add gloss and clarity to your paint. This service will NOT remove scratches or heavy swirls

Cars start at $260

Trucks and midsize SUVs start at $280

Full size SUVs start at $300

  • 1 Step Paint Correction

Hand​ wash and paint decontaminated. It receives a all in one compound and polish, applied by machine to remove about 50% to 60% of swirls and enhance the paint of your vehicle for a glossy look.

(Price varies depending on paint condition)

Cars start at $350

Trucks and midsize SUVs start at $400

Full size SUVs $450

  • 2 Step Paint Correction

This service includes a first step of compound to cut the swirls and scratches on the paint, followed by a second step of polish to bring clarity and gloss to give it that flawless wet look.

*This will get your paint to a 80% to 90% defect free, depending on paints conditions. 

Cars start at $700

Trucks & midsize SUV's start at $800

Full size SUVs start at $900

paint enhancement.jpg


Takes 5-6 hours

one step correction.jpg


Takes 8-10 hours

50+50+shot 2 step.jpg


10-16 Hours (could take two days)